About me


Anastasya Partan 

Anastasya is a Boston-based writer. Born in Moscow, Russia, she moved to the US in 1991. An interest in international and cultural studies led her to Georgetown University, where she earned a dual degree in Digital Art and French, studying for a year at the Sorbonne in Paris. Eager to further explore the intersections of image, language and culture, she went on to study Media & Communications at the London School of Economics.

Next stop was Copenhagen, where she nurtured her passions for writing and design, developing a niche writing for some of Denmark’s top, global design and lifestyle companies.

Today, back in Boston, Anastasya continues to tell the stories of humans who, in one way or another, are working to improve our world. In addition to writing for the Harvard Innovation Labs, she writes about lifestyle, culture, design and the arts both at her blog CulturePeel and for publications including the Design Museum Magazine, Disney’s Babble, and The YUME Edit. And when she’s not doing that, she’s likely perusing Dwell, tending to her miniature urban garden, or planning the next family travel adventure while munching on a new French cheese. 






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