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Celebrating Plastic-Free July with the AquaPlastic Team

The stats are hard to swallow. Over 40% of plastic – invented in 1907 and, by many measures, a miracle material – is used just once. Plastic bottles and bags take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade (for context: 1,000 years ago, in the Middle Ages, only about 250 million people lived on Earth; guns didn’t exist; a Viking became the first European to set foot in America; and forests covered 45-60% of the Earth’s surface, compared to today’s 31%).
What’s the fix? We know there’s no easy one – but we also know that there are innovations in the making that could turn (and clean up) the tides.
Read about AquaPlastic’s game-changing innovation here.


August 2018: Design Museum Magazine feature about the multi-disciplinary performing arts group Masary Studios, which awakens iconic spaces in Boston through original, often interactive audio-visual pieces. You can read the entire article here.IMG_7944


As content creator and editor for the sustainable lifestyle brand YUME’s online magazine, The YUME Edit, I write stories about people, places, products and solutions that have the power to transform our planet and our lives.


I run the art, culture and lifestyle blog CulturePeel, sharing personal encounters with art and interviews with people from various creative realms.


Here are some of the articles I wrote for Lauritz, Scandinavia’s largest auction house, on design, art and culture. You can also find them all here.


Let Your Baby Sleep Outside? Surprising parenting wisdom from Scandinavia: The Danes let their babies nap in strollers rain or shine (or snow), feed them strawberries, and insist on rye bread. What can we learn from the Nordic way of rearing healthy little Vikings? | December 27, 2010




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